Available Service: Pre-Order Books

We are now accepting orders for Pre-ordered Books. 


The following are the guideline in ordering Pre-ordered Books:

1. Message us or email us the following information for the items to be quote; for the buyer to know the price of the books.

  • Title of the Book
  • Author of the Book
  • Contact us through the following:
  • Email: store.xiaomei@gmail.com
  • Message: +639176257108 (sms and viber); +639228119451 (sms and viber)

2. We’ll message or email back to you the quotation for the buyer approval and to finalize the book order. We’ll also send the payment information.

3. If the payment should be made through bank deposit; Kindly inform us if the payment has been deposited or scan the picture and send it to us. And if the chosen payment method is Paypal, we will send an invoice for the buyer to confirm payment.

4. After payment confirmation, we will inform the buyer if the order has been placed and the dispatched date from the country of origin of the book (mostly books are dispatched 2-3 days prior placement of order)

5. Kindly note that Pre-order Books would take approximately 4 to 5 weeks of waiting time or it would take longer depends on the situation of the courier (it cannot be controlled). For those who are not keen to wait that long, we advise to not avail our Pre-order Scheme, to avoid disputes.


Rescue Balm

2015-03-21 11.55.25

Feeling adventurous this summer. Going hiking, swimming, running and many more activities. It is best to have a beauty product that can easily heals nicks, bruises, rashes, insect bites and even pimples.

Try our Human Heart Nature new released product——— RESCUE BALM;

It contains:

-Lavander Oil (helps speed up the healing process of scrapes, bruises and even helps soothes your skin)

-Tea Tree Oil (helps soothe insect bites, rashes and pimples; also double as anti-septic because of its anti-bacterial compound)

Order yours now for only P99.75!

For inquiries and order:

+639176257108- sms and vuber

+639228119451- sms and viber

Hello to Cold Wax and Say Bye Bye Razors

2015-03-25 04.32.48COLD WAX VS RAZOR

We know that for some people they usually use razors to shave, but the thing in shaving the effects to your skin are much to harsh. Shaving can cause…

  • Dry and rough skin
  • Darker skin, due to damage of shaving on skin
  • Accumulation of bacteria; most especially if your using old razor
  • hair to grow darker color or thicker
  • and even accidentally cut yourself by the blade of the razor

So we are introducing this Cold Wax as an alternative. No re-heat needed, easy to use and affordable price. The advantages of using Cold Wax are…..

  • 100% Natural Ingredients (Honey, Sugar and Calamansi/Lime)
  • Removes hair down to the roots
  • Has natural anti-bacterial, whitening and soothing properties
  • Softer and finer body hair
  • Exfoliates and lightens
  • Diminished hair growth
  • Reduce skin damage
  • No clothstrip needed
  • No heating required
  • With just 3 EASY STEPS of removing hair
  • 10590603_262943257163458_9147799872588243896_n


You can visit SUGAR COLD WAX page for more details on available items, flavors and prices.

For orders and inquiries:

Email: store.xiaomei@gmail.com

Message us through:

+639176257108- sms and viber

+639228119451- sms and viber

Also you an order through our ORDER FORM page and just fill it out.


Packaging with Love <3


Had just received our 2nd package from Human Nature with all our new goodies inside! the packaging is so secured and very appealing. The items inside are not cramped, and all are in very good condition. This are the things that appeals the buyers- Product Quality, Packaging, Appearance, Assurance, Trustworthy, Security and last but not the least to make them feel special in any way you could. DSC_0025

That is why since we realized that we wanted to make our beloved client feel special and being served as excellent as possible we had started our personalized packaging, for our clients to feel special and worthy of our services in many ways.

DSC_0018Hoping that you guys would like our personalized packaging for all our products! Hoping that you would love it as much as we love it! Also hopefully we’ll make more designs out of rubber stamp for you guys to enjoy and to look forward to on your future purchases from our store.

Wonder Powder

Bamboo Powder Human Nature introduces a mineral foundation made from 2 very sustainable plant powders, which are bamboo powder and rice powder. The following are the benefits of the 2 plant powders: Bamboo Powder– It contains ‘silica’ compound that help with anti-acne, anti-wrinkles and anti-cellulite property benefits. It is a very versatile plant with many uses and can fully grow as 2-3 years short time. Rice Powder- A very common staple commodity in our country, it contains substances that can protect the skin from harsh sun and has anti-aging benefits. These 2 wonder powders can be found in 1 of our Human Nature Beauty Products, which is the Perfect Coverage Mineral Foundation; with various color ranges from Vanilla (light skin tone), Honey (fair skin tone), Caramel (medium skin tone) and Toffee (morena skin tone) to compliment various skin tone. It is 100% natural and hypoallergenic beauty product, also contains Vitamin E to help nourish the skin. Order one now! and avail our PROMO PRICE at P495 (save P100; Orginal Price P595) You can also avail the Mineral Powder at P445 (save P150) for every purchase of our Day Moisturizer. Try our 100% natural and  multi-functional mineral foundation powder, and start living and experiencing the natural way! For more information and human nature products ——-> Human Nature Catalogue

Order Fast and Easy!

CaptureNow we have added an easy way to fill out your orders, through our new integrated ORDER FORM tab!

Just click on our ORDER FORM on the upper right hand tab, read the guidelines and policy then fill out the required field then click “SUBMIT”; and just wait for our confirmation message through sms or email.

It is just that easy! Browse through our PRODUCT tab to see all our items and start your online shopping with us 🙂

Happy shopping!

It’s Official!

We are Officially Dealer of Human Heart Nature! Thank you to those who responded to our inquiries on Human Heart Nature Products.


To see more of our Human Heart Nature Product, you may click on the link to see our Magaloque—–> Human Heart Nature


For inquiries and orders, you may reach us through….

+639176257108- sms, viber and wechat


Human Nature Products on Xiao Mei Store?


Would anyone be interested with Human Nature products on Xiao Mei Store? anyone? keep us posted if anyone is interested?

Human Nature, a company that sells organic products ranging from various beauty products and advocate of Breast Cancer Awareness. A company that makes their products from more natural sources than chemical base and in a very affordable price. Thus their known tagline Pro-Philippines, Pro-Poor and Pro-Environment.

Guys give us your comments, if you are interested in this items so that we may add it into our gift store 🙂